FireWiFi & Infinite Internet Corp Enhanced Partnership

Your FireWiFi Experience Just Got Better

The partnership between FireWiFi and Infinite Internet Corp will upgrade our customer experience, offering new extended support hours, extended weekend coverage, and a streamlined billing experience.

Infinite internet has heretofore been our "Tier 2" customer support desk.


As part of this partnership, we will be migrating from our existing billing system to an enhanced billing system with more features and accessibility for our customers.

All of our customer payment information is encrypted for the safety of our customers and is therefore not transferrable from one billing system to another.

We have sent an email to existing customers prompting them to save their method of payment to our new system. The new system also encrypts customer payment information for security.


When this upgrade is complete, you will have a more streamlined tech support & billing experience with extended hours.

FireWiFi will continue to offer highspeed, portable, prepaid internet solutions throughout the 50 states. If you have friends/family that need a first-class internet experience, we are here for you!

We appreciate your business very much and look forward to a bright future!

Aaron Peterson
President - FireWiFi