Unplug the router for 5-10 minutes. While the router is unplugged, please unplug all TVs, FireSticks and RoKus, etc. and do not plug them back in until you complete the APN settings on the router.  

To begin...  

Please do a hard reset on the router:  

- Insert a paper into the hole next to the power switch on the back of the router. Slightly press the reset button and hold for 6-7 seconds. (router lights will indicate completion).  


- Using a laptop or tablet, connect to the router through WiFi (make sure there are no other devices connected to the router at this time). You will begin to adjust the router settings (If at any time you are logged off the router settings, just log back in and start over making sure the Connect Status is OFF).  

• Make sure you are connected to the WiFi. • Pull up a browser like Google Chrome, Firefox or Safari. • In the URL address bar, type in, and hit Enter. • Password for the router settings login is (in all lower case): admin • At the bottom of the page in "Status Information", check your signal strength (should be between -85 and -105 ) . • Then scroll back up, turn the Connect Status OFF by clicking the white circle next to "ON" (any changes made to the router settings require connection status OFF).  

• Click on Network Settings. • You will be in the Connection Mode, make sure it is set to Auto and the box below it is checked. • On the left, click on Network Selection. • Make sure you are on LTE Only and Auto. • Click Apply. • On the left, click on APN. • Click on Manual then click on "Add New". • PDP Type should be: IPV4 • Now these items may already be in there, but you will need to retype them • Profile Name (All CAPS): ATTB • APN (Lowercase, no spaces): broadband • Click Apply, then click Set as Default (you should have "Success" messages for both). • On the left, click on Network Information. • Click "Enable" the ping • Click apply. • Click reset the connection... a popup will come up asking if you want to restart the device, click "Yes". • It will spin for a minute then log you out (if the webpage does not reset after 3 minutes, then you are good to reload the web page and it will bring you back to the router settings login page). • Log back in, check your signal strength (should be between -85 and -105 ).  

At this point, pull up another web page like Youtube and see if you can stream a video.  

• Once you have verified you can stream a video on the computer, then proceed to plug in your TVs and wait for them to power cycle on. • Attempt to connect TVs to the router network • When the TVs are connected, make sure they are connected to the correct network: the network name should be "LTE_CPE ****". • Then attempt to start streaming a video through a streaming app (Netflix, Hulu, etc) • If the TVs successfully stream, then attempt to connect your other devices in the same process.  

If you continue to have issues, you can also 'lock bands'. In order to lock bands you will need to access the router settings again following the previous steps for the APN settings.  

However, keep in mind you can skip right to the "Network Information" box in the "Network Settings":  

• Remember to turn Connect status off • Then click on the Network Settings link • Then click on the "Network Information" box • The first line is Frequency Band Indicator, whichever number that is (2, 4 or 17), put that number alone in the drop box for the Set Frequency Band • Click Apply • You should have a 'Success' message (if you have a 'Failure', then try another number, e.g., 2, 4, 17, until you have the 'Success' message • Repeat changing the bands to the other individual band numbers and see which band gives you best strength • If none of the individual numbers provide a 'Success' message then you will need to put the Set Frequency Band dropdown box back to "1/2/4/5/12/13/17/25/26", then "Apply".