5G Home Internet

High-Speed Nationwide
Internet Solutions

Home & Portable

Prepaid Plans

Starting at


/ Month +Equipment Cost

  High-Speed 4G LTE

  No Throttling


  No Contract

  No Credit Check

  Generous Data Limits

Premium Lite - $109.99 / Premium Pro - $149.99

Why FireWifi

FireWifi is a prepaid, portable, high-speed rural internet provider. We have coverage in all 50 states, including most rural areas. He are just a few reasons why hour customer love FireWifi.


Home Plan

Starting at


/ Month (Promo)Router Included

  High-Speed 4G/5G/LTE

  No Throttling

  No Data Limit

  No Contract

  Limited Availability

*with autopay

Portable Internet

Our service is portable and can go anywhere you go.

Prepaid Internet

Our portable plans are all no-contract, no-credit-check, prepaid services

Wireless Internet

Our equipment requires no wiring or heavy equipment installation.

Rural Internet Provider

We have fantastic coverage in rural America.

High-Speed Wifi

High-speed internet for home, work, & on the go.
Including fantastic service in many rural areas.
No contract. No nonsense.


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