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"FireWifi, the unit was received as expected, and very easy to start up. The download/upload speeds are about 3X what we had with our Version hotspot, and 10X what we had with Hughesnet! I never could have believed we could get  such great service in the remote area where we live."

-Russ W. Sanford, MI

"I am a snowbird spending my winter in Arizona. Nothing but problems with WiFi until we switched to Fire WiFi about two months ago and we have been pleased with the service. No issues. Have recommended to many friends."
Edward Secondiak
"I had FireWifi for a month now and it have been lovely. The service is well worth it... you might get a little slowness here or there but it’s not an on going problem to worry about. I also love how I can take it anywhere I go and it’s not a hassle. I will recommend anyone to give it a try. VERY WORTH IT!!!!! Try it.... you will not be disappointed."
Yoshika Jenkins 

"Fire wifi is great! I looked everywhere trying to get internet out at my farm. No one could do it, then I found fire wifi . They have been great so far with everything. No problems, good service! I don't need anything more than that. Thanks fire wifi 🤙"

John Osborn

Why FireWifi

FireWifi is a prepaid, portable, high-speed rural internet provider. We have coverage in all 50 states, including most rural areas. Here are just a few reasons why our customers love FireWifi.

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Portable Internet

Our service is portable and can go anywhere you go.

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Prepaid Internet

Our portable plans are all no-contract, no-credit-check, prepaid services.

why 3

Wireless Internet

Our equipment requires no wiring or heavy equipment installation.

Hight-Speed Nationwide
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