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WiFi FAQ and other information

Q. How is our internet service different from others?  

A. Other plans through major network carriers offer up to 20 GB of data of "tethering." Once you use up your tethered data, your service is now throttled down to near dial-up speeds. FireWiFi has high-usage plans that give your household more data.

Q. Who are your typical customers? 

A. If you are an average user we are perfect for you! Our plans include high-speed data for things like streaming music, movies and surfing the web. Illegal activity and excessive gaming would be considered abuse of our plans.  

Q. What is considered data abuse? 

A. Our unlimited plan is unlimited, but on our other plans we have data limits. Data abuse can come from heavy, atypical usage. Often from gaming (xBox, PS4, Switch), console updates, or from illegal activity like torrenting. Our service is not designed to support this type of usage. If your household uses significantly more data than the average household, we would talk to you about splitting your account into two accounts to handle your needs.

Q. What is the average household users data usage? 

A. The average American household uses around 200GB of data per month. Family sizes vary so this is a good place to start.

Q. Is the service good for gaming? (PS4, xBox, Nintendo Switch, etc)
A. We do not support gaming. Our services have closed/strict NATS. Many of our customers who enjoy gaming will use a different source of internet for their gaming needs, and FireWiFi for their non-gaming usage.

Q. Once I sign-up, do I own the account and the device? 

A. On our prepaid plans you are the owner of the device after your 14-day trial period. We own the accounts. You are responsible for paying the first month up front along with the cost of your equipment. You can cancel your subscription with us at any time by simply giving us 48-hours before your next billing cycle. On our unlimited plan, customers receive the home router at no cost, but they are responsible for the router and must return it in good/working condition if they discontinue the service, if the equipment is un-returned, damaged or stolen, customers may be responsible for the equipment cost.

Q. Do I get a trial period? 

A. Yes! We have a 14-day refund policy. You have 14-days after purchasing your service and equipment to try it out and love it. If you don't, simply call us and let us know you want to cancel. We will give you the return instructions for the equipment and suspend the service. Once the equipment is received in its original packaging and working order we will give a refund on the full cost of the service (even if it was used) and the equipment less a $50.00 restocking fee.  

Q. Do your plans throttle? 

A. Our service is completely unthrottled for the amount of high-speed data offered on each plan!
All cellular data plans are subject to the Fair Usage Act. So if you have high data usage and you are in the middle of a rush hour your speeds could slow down for a bit. Once the traffic jam clears up your speeds go right back up. It doesn't mean it will happen, all it means is it can happen.  

Q. I live in the middle of nowhere, can I still get coverage? 

A. We have service that covers nationwide. We will have a solution for you on our 4G LTE network. We also have additional equipment that can be purchased separately that will boost your signal for faster speeds.  

Q. I like to travel, can I take this with me? 

A. Yes, you can. A good gauge when traveling is if you have cell coverage you will have internet coverage.  Our unlimited plan is a home plan and is not portable.

Q. Do I have to sign a contract or have my credit run? 

We do not require a contract or a credit check for our prepaid plans. Our plans are month to month. Each payment prepays the next 30-days. Our unlimited plan requires a soft credit check to prevent equipment theft, everyone qualifies regardless of credit score/history. The unlimited plan is also no-contract.

Q. What is the difference between your plans and why does one cost more than another? 

A. The price differences come down to the network we have to use in your area to give you the best coverage and speeds. Every carrier charges differently for the space we use on their towers.  

Q. Can I put my account on hold or pause it for a month or two? 

A. Yes, you can. Just contact customer service and they will explain the details for you.  

Q. What are the average speeds? 

A. The speed of our services depends entirely on how close you are to a cell towers range. We will always work with you to choose the best tower. We sell additional equipment to pull in stronger signals for better upload and download speeds. We have great tools to help point you in the right direction.  

Q. How many devices can I use on my equipment? 

A. We feel comfortable telling you-you can run 10 devices at one time. Just remember that the speeds you are receiving are being shared between those devices.  

Q. Can I travel internationally with my service?

A. We only support coverage in the USA.  

Q. How do I know when my bill is due? 

A. Your will bill will be auto drafted from the account you signed up with 33-days after you sign up for service.  

Q. I cannot pay my bill, what happens? 

A. Due to our pre-paid model if payment is not received we suspend the account. You can always call in to pay it at a later time and pay a $15.00 reactivation fee.  

Q. I have a friend or family member that wants to pay my bill, is that okay?

A. Yes, we just require a third party payer authorization form to be signed.  

Q. How old do I have to be to subscribe? 

A. You do need to be the legal age of consent. If you are under 18 then a parent will need to hold the account in their name.  

Q. Do you offer bulk discounts? 

A. Yes, we do! We offer bulk discounts on prepaid plans. Please contact our Sales Department and they would be happy to help you.  

Q. How does the box receive signal?

A. The box receives signal from cellular towers. 

Q. What is "throttling"? 

A. Many data providers offer a small amount of high-speed data, (usually 10-20GB) and after you cross that data cap they "throttle" down to 2G or 3G speeds.

Q. Can I stream movies on NetFlix, Roku, FireStick, etc.?

A. Yes. Our service is great for streaming. 

Q. What types of payment do you accept? 

A. We accept credit cards, debit cards, and most pre-paid credit cards. 

Q. What is your return policy?

A. We have a 14-day return policy. If you don't love the service you can send it back and get a refund on the equipment. We have a $50 restocking fee we charge for returns to prevent the abuse of our service. 

Q. Is this like the Clear internet service that used to be available?

 A. We have a lot of customers who are former Clear customers and love our service saying it is "just like Clear". 

Q. I want to sign up, how do I get started?  

A. Simply call 833-716-9434 and chat with one of our amazing salespeople.  

Q. How long will it take to receive my equipment? 

A. We ship USPS Priority Mail. It takes 3-5 business days.  

Q. How do I set it up? 

A. There is a one-page sheet in the box with your username and password. Our devices are plug and play.


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