We want to reward you for referring people to our service. If you know someone who needs high-speed portable internet for home or travel, we invite you to take advantage of our Referral Reward Program.  

You can earn $30 for each referral you send our way. Please have them mention your name when they call and we will reward you for the referral. We can give you a credit on your bill, or send you cash via PayPal.  

Here are a few basic rules:  

1. You must be an active FireWiFi customer to earn referral rewards. 2. Referral rewards are paid out once the customer has cleared the 14-day return window. 3. You or your new customer must indentify the "referrer" within 14-days of the new customer signing up.

We reserve the right to withhold referral rewards if we determine the program is being abused.