How to Setup a Yagi Wi-fi Antenna - Device Configuration

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Access your Yagi Wifi

These instructions are meant to compliment the article we sent via email. That article can be accessed here. The article covers most of the steps but the following information is more specific to your FireWiFi router setup.

First, only if you have one of our newer routers (with a USB port on the back) you need to change the network setting to “external mode”, here are the steps for that:

1. Connect to the router using either ethernet/wifi and then search the address in a browser.
2. It will ask for a password. That password is “admin”
3. Turn connect status to “OFF” (always turn connect status off when making changes to network settings)
4. Go to Network Settings, click antenna in the bottom left box, click the drop down and change from “auto” to “external mode”, then click apply. Then go into network information and click reset the connection.

Here are the remaining steps for setup and tuning:

1. Connect the Yagi Antenna to the FireWiFi router by removing one of the two antennas on the back of the router. Connect the SMA Male end of the cable into the back of the router securely. Leave the other small antenna connected into the back of the router. Connect the F Male end of the cable to the Yagi Antenna.
2. The Yagi Antenna should be placed in an area that is free of obstruction and has as clear of a path as possible to the nearest cell towers in your area. On the roof, on a flagpole, or in an elevated location is ideal. Please use caution when installing, this is easiest when you have the help of another person.
3. Position the Yagi vertically with the arrow on the back pointing straight up in the air.
4. Point the Yagi towards the nearest cell towers in your area. You can try different towers if you have multiple towers. The location of towers can be found on On, enter your address, and your provider to find the towers. (PINK PLAN: T-Mobile, BLUE PLAN: AT&T, RED PLAN: Verizon).
5. Open a browser and login to your router by typing this IP address into the search bar:
6. It will ask you for a password. The password is “admin”.
7. Once logged in, you can see the signal strength and signal quality numbers. The numbers are negative numbers and we want them to be as low as possible. For example, -90 is a stronger signal than -100, and -8 is a better quality than -12.
8. Rotate the antenna 5-10 degrees and wait 30 seconds for the signal strength and quality to adjust. Record the numbers. Rotate again and wait for the signal strength and quality numbers to adjust, record again. Continue this process until you find the direction where you get the best gains (lowest numbers) and that is where you want to fix it permanently.

If you need more cable, we have found an Amazon seller with a fantastic price on a 49 ft cable. This cable has the correct adapters already fit onto it. If you just need an extension, here is a 65 ft extension with proper fittings.

Router Receptacle Fitting: SMA FEMALE (needs an SMA Male connector)

Yagi Antenna Receptacle Fitting: F FEMALE (needs an F Male connector)


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